ChildHR Reflection tool

Is your HR
at best practice level?

Here's how to check...
Is your HR
at best practice level?

Here’s how to check...

A simple 5 minute reflection to ensure you’re doing
your HR right and to point you in the right direction.
By completing this HR reflection, you’ll review the following aspects of your HR systems, that will assist you in updating your Quality Improvement Plan (QIP):
Take this simple 5-minute audit that will review the five following aspects of your current HR system:
Recruitment – how you find new people and bring them into your service.
Induction – how effectively you set new people up for success.
Performance Review – how you review and monitor individual ongoing performance.
Policies – what policies and procedures you have in place to help with employee decision making.
Separation – what you do when employees separate from your service.
And recieve your detailed HR audit report straighaway!